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Rock Music Life began as a live rock music blog in 2019. Like the rest of the world, we evolved with the times and now we cover a broad spectrum of news—sports, film, television, politics health, technology, books, podcasts, culture and arts.

Rock Music Life is a place to read exclusive interviews, passionate reviews and curated news that will keep you both entertained and informed.

Our editor-in-chief, Brian Fishbach's favorite book as a kid was the World Almanac, so expect to learn some mind-blowing facts in every article. We are more than a news publication. Our writers distill what we learn from interviewing the most interesting people and fascinating experts into a collection we call
Learn 10 Lessons.

But we never stray too far from our original intention: writing about 
rock music and sharing life's lessons.



Brian Fishbach

Brian is the editor-in-chief of Rock Music Life. He received a BA in political science from the University of Wisconsin and studied journalism at UCLA. He enjoys writing about music as much as he enjoys listening to it and from time to time, performing it. 

He resides in Los Angeles. 

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