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  • Brian Fishbach

Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage at Hollywood Bowl

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked by a man who rushed the stage in front of a sold out Hollywood Bowl audience.

Dave Chappelle Attacked at Hollywood Bowl Show

There are no reports of injuries sustained by the 48-year-old comedian. The incident occurred as Chappelle was finishing his set.

The attacker was quickly subdued by security, according to witnesses. A video is circulating which depicts the alleged attacker being wheeled into an ambulance while strapped to a stretcher—his right arm appeared to be bent backwards at the elbow.

ABC7 is reporting that the attacker was armed with a gun and a knife, but did not use them.

There does not appear to be much video footage of the attack but more could circulate in the morning. Typically at Chappelle’s live shows, he requires all attendees to lock their phones and cameras in a secure pouch made by a company called Yondr to prevent unauthorized amateur recording.

A compilation of footage was posted to Instagram this morning:

Chappelle was performing as part of the “Netflix Is A Joke” festival taking place at venues around Los Angeles. Chappelle’s show at the Hollywood Bowl is by far the second largest venue for the festival, with 17,500 seats. The largest comedy show in the festival will be Gabriel Inglesias who is slated to perform at Dodger Stadium, which has a capacity of over 50,000.


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