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  • Brian Fishbach

Hollywood Sign Turns 100 Years Old in 2023

Instagrammer/documentarian Evan Lovett, purveyor of the "L.A. in a Minute" Instagram page, dedicated today's post to the world-famous Hollywood sign.

The two minute, fifty-four-second video tackles the "serious history" of the sign, beginning with its days as an advertisement for real estate in 1923, then reading "Hollywoodland."

Lovett takes the viewer through the 1970s when the sign fell into disrepair. He covers how Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner led the charge to rescue the sign and get fellow boldface names in town to sponsor each letter.

There is a warning to anyone hoping to scale the fences and break the law by getting too close to the sign, as they would tip off motion detectors. The video ends with Lovett shining some light on what the radio antenna above the sign is for: the City of Los Angeles Central communications facility that supports LAPD, LAFD and LAUSD communication signals.

Lovett proves week after week that he is Instagram's #1 historian for all curious things of L.A.


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