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  • Brian Fishbach

How Many Times Was Taylor Swift Shown on TV During the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift was shown during Super Bowl LVIII eleven times between regulation and overtime.

Immediate Pre-Game

3:26:40 PST: During Post Malone singing "America the Beautiful."

During Regulation

4:25:25 PST: During replay of 2nd quarter 53-yard catch by Kansas City's Mecole Hardman

5:08:21 PST: Before 3rd down from the 10 at end of 2nd quarter.

5:58:20 PST: After Kansas City punt in 3rd quarter, during commercial bumper of Elvis' “Viva Las Vegas."

6:10:27 PST: After a Mahomes first down run in 3rd quarter.

6:21:32 PST: After shovel pass to Kelce in 3rd quarter.

6:25:25 PST: After Kansas City's Marques Valdes-Scantling touchdown in 3rd quarter.

6:47:35 PST: After 3rd and 10 catch by Kelce in 4th quarter.

7:00:45 PST: During 4th quarter 49ers possession with under 4 minutes left in game.


7:12:35: After Kelce first down to 11 yard line.

7:41:10: After Valdez-Scantling catch (two plays after negative yardage catch).

7:44:40: After Mahomes runs to 13 yard line on 3rd and inches.

7:46:45: "Jackpot Kansas City!"


7:50:30: Replay of Super Bowl-winning touchdown

How many times was Taylor Swift shown on TV during Super Bowl LVIII?

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