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"Scream" Actor Jamie Kennedy, Horror YouTuber Launch Chilling App

Just in time for Halloween, comedian and actor Jamie Kennedy (Scream franchise, Tremors) and Being Scared YouTuber (372K subs) Dane Petrali, along with tech unicorn Chris Graham (two startups sold for $800M - $1B) present the Chilling App.

Horror Fans Unite! Chilling is the first app of its kind to crowdsource, produce and curate the most “chilling” horror entertainment content into one app. From Chilling originals and Halloween-themed content to categories like Blood and Gore, Psychological Thrillers, Paranormal, Horror Classics, Terrifyingly True, Episodics, Vintage Horror Radio and more; it’s the ultimate platform for the horror genre fan community.

In addition to an abundance of fictional content, much of the nonfiction stories are submitted through the app’s Reddit page.

Content is narrated by a team of established voiceover artists from popular YouTube channels, Disney projects, audio books, national commercial campaigns and video games.

Chilling is also the only platform to offer ambience sound effects that users can layer (in high or low volume) as background sound to enhance their selected stories and other content on the app. Choose to listen to a crackling fire, the night woods, doom, chilling rain, a dark storm or more to add to your fright.

Launched in April 2021, Chilling has racked up 400K downloads, 200K unique user accounts, 14K paid subscribers and $129K raised to date in crowdfunding, bringing them to 517% more than their original crowdfunding goal.

According to Chilling’s key advisor and investor, Jamie Kennedy, “Chilling might be the most organic business fit of anything I’ve ever done. It’s made by horror fans for horror fans with horror fans. And with me playing Randy in the Scream franchise, I feel it goes perfectly hand-in-hand.”

Adds co-founder Chris Graham, “There really is no other single place for the horror fan community to gather and be a part of the creative process. We wanted it to be a hub for this kind of content, as a whole. We are bridging the gap between what the audience wants and content creation.”

Being Scared YouTuber and Chilling co-founder Dane Petrali shares, “I was Confident in my YouTube audience to come with me over to the Chilling app. I’ve been embedded in the horror content community and narration community for years, and we’ve reached millions of people.”

[Content courtesy of Full Scale Media]


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