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  • Brian Fishbach

What North American Schools Have the Largest Jewish Populations?

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, millions of students in the United States are heading back to class at their respective colleges and universities.

And shortly thereafter, the Jewish students will be interrupting their study sessions, keg parties, football games by attending High Holidays services.

In that spirit, here is a list of which schools in North America have the most Jewish students and largest percentage of the student population that is Jewish.

A few takeaways:

  1. University of Florida, University of Central Florida, and University of Maryland have the highest total number of Jewish students, each topping over 5,000.

  2. The largest Jewish population at a school west of the Mississippi River is the University of Texas, University of Arizona, and UCLA, each topping over 3,000.

  3. The Big Ten Conference is the most Jewish athletic conference represented on the top 60 list, with Northwestern, Maryland (in 2014), Rutgers (in 2014), Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio State, Illinois, and Michigan State, each with over 2,500 Jewish students.

(Statistics courtesy of Reform Judaism Magazine and Hillel.


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