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  • Brian Fishbach

Will Singles Start Wearing This Ring to Signal that They're Available?

When it comes to flirting with strangers, singles might have a new indicator for being green-lit to approaching.

That's what the company pearº thinks. In the same way that wearing a wedding or engagement ring signifies that the person in question on the dating market anymore, pearº will signify that not only are they single, but also welcoming to being approached by potential suitors.

“76% OF PEOPLE ARE OPEN TO BEING CHATTED UP IN REAL LIFE" the pearº website touts, citing an article from Vogue.

Another banner scrolling across the website reads, "This is NOT a dating app. It's a ring that is worn to identify who's single and open to conversation IRL. 🍐"

"One right worn by every single person, pearº makes it easy to know who is single around you. A small, subtle ring that makes a BIG statement,"the company says in their advertisements. "Wear pear° wherever you go In a bar, on a train, at the gym, on vacation, at your friend’s wedding, in a restaurant, walking to work. The world 🌎 is your playground. Millions of singles will be wearing this ring Hinge. Bumble. Tinder. pearº will take it from here. This is NOT another dating app This is the most natural way to meet new people in real life. The opposite of an engagement ring Designed for every single person."

They say that they are sold out of their first release, and the second round of ring releases is 91% sold out as of this writing.

pearº also says that "the social experiment is now LIVE in your city." There is even a pearºfest coming at a date to be determined. They bill it as "the World's First Singles' Festival."

Only ring holders are invited. Currently, the cost to join is $25 for the ring, which is teal, and made of "durable, 100% quality silicon that can stretch if required."

In time, perhaps the "singles ring" by pearº and future competitors will become a new cultural norm.

You can follow pear on their Instagram,


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